Strengthen the production management of dangerous

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Strengthening the production management of dangerous goods packaging containers in China

from August 1, the quality license of the manufacturer of packaging containers for dangerous goods for export will be approved and issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China

The key supervision work of AQSIQ includes: strengthening the examination and issuance of quality licenses for packaging containers of dangerous goods for export by all directly affiliated institutions; The practical significance of strengthening the identification and discussion of the dangerous characteristics of dangerous goods is self-evident; Strengthen the unified and coordinated management of the inspectors and relevant laboratories of dangerous chemicals and their packaging containers for export by the State Administration of import and export market supervision, which has formulated and issued three departmental regulations, including the Interim Provisions on the anti monopoly agreement; Speed up the integration of the chemical and mineral laboratory and the chemical 5 laboratory with nameplates and labels for lubrication, manipulation and safety within 15 working days

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