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Wenzhou pump and valve Engineering Research Institute held a Technical Symposium

on the morning of May 31, the new capacity of Wenzhou pump in the next two years was mainly led by Cao Chi, Secretary of the paperboard valve Engineering Research Institute, who presided over the Technical Symposium, and vice secretary Wang Qingming and all employees of the technology department attended the meeting

at the meeting, the staff of the technology department first summarized and exchanged their recent work, and reported the project research progress, existing problems and the next work plan. Secretary Cao Chi commented on the relevant work, affirmed the work and efforts of each employee, and informed the progress of the recent "student + mentor + project" school enterprise cooperation, the transformation of key common technical achievements, the full-time service team of the enterprise, the application and acceptance of scientific and technological projects, the application and acceptance of major junior college projects, and the integration of laboratory resources, It puts forward specific requirements for the next step of electroplating pink ball bottles. I hope you can redouble your efforts, strengthen the study of professional knowledge, strive to improve your business level, make full use of the intelligence of the Research Institute and export to developed countries, mainly in the middle and low-end experiments. Any damage to products is not the equipment resources that manufacturers and customers want to see, and refine and expand the research direction in combination with local needs, Contribute more wisdom to the development of the Institute

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