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Wenzhou packaging and printing enterprises want to be in line with international standards

① the urgent need for Industry Development

after more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging and printing industry has made remarkable achievements, he added. As of 2000, the total output value of China's packaging and printing industry has reached 400billion yuan. It undertakes the packaging and printing of industrial and agricultural products of more than 300 billion yuan and export commodities of more than 100 billion US dollars every year. The total output value of packaging and printing industry in East China has reached 200 billion yuan, of which Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the first and fourth largest provinces in the country, respectively, while Shanghai has reached 18.7 billion yuan, ranking first in the packaging and printing industry of major cities in the country. It can be seen that the packaging and printing industry in East China is strong, and the historically close cooperation regions of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have also formed a "large packaging and printing business circle and processing base". With the increasingly prominent advantages of the region's foreign economic exchanges after the WTO, an intensive comprehensive industrial base and the central business district have become an urgent need for China's packaging and printing industry

under the market development background that they jointly designed with their partners, China Packaging Technology Association and Shanghai Packaging Technology Association were established in Shanghai to unite the packaging associations in East China with domestic and foreign brand enterprises. China's comprehensive packaging and printing industry base, the central business district of China's packaging and printing industry, and China's first industrial CBD center. It is "Shanghai International Packaging and printing city"

② is the competitive requirement of the international market for Chinese enterprises

after China's accession to the WTO, all industries and even the government should integrate into the pattern of international market competition. Foreign enterprises swarmed into China, including packaging and printing enterprises. Their perfect management system, strong scientific research force and advanced marketing mode will make China's packaging and printing industry face fierce competition. Chinese packaging and printing enterprises will face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In view of this, China Packaging Technology Association and Shanghai Packaging Association, together with the packaging associations of East China provinces, want to build a central business district for China's packaging and printing industry and a comprehensive industrial base for domestic and foreign packaging and printing enterprises in an international metropolis such as Shanghai, and provide various professional services. This is a platform for communication, a window for enterprises, an information intersection center, a brand springboard, and a green channel to the world. Such as education and training, packaging industry design, scientific research patent incubation, information fair, perennial and irregular display, brand Expo, academic exchange, centralized business office, e-commerce, packaging logistics, trading platform, printing and processing, etc. In this way, the disadvantages of separation of production and marketing and sporadic dispersion in the past are overcome, and resource sharing, scale sharing, business sharing, policy sharing, information sharing and brand sharing are formed. Truly achieve the shortest production and marketing process, the lowest cost of enterprises and the maximization of benefits. The enterprises settled in the base and the business center can absorb and rapidly expand the domestic market share in the shortest time, start the brand, and enter the international packaging and printing market

experts commented that after China's entry into WTO, China will become a processing industry base of the world's advanced countries. The more developed the processing industry is, the more packaging and printing are needed. As one of the "three major industrial bases of China's packaging and printing industry" with a good foundation but relatively low technical content, Wenzhou should emancipate its mind, fully understand its own advantages and disadvantages, base itself on Wenzhou, make use of the advantages of local labor force and policy, and should be in line with international standards as soon as possible. This time, Wenzhou packaging and printing enterprises have set up display windows, offices or international product sales centers in the "Shanghai International Packaging 8226; printing city", reflecting a vision, a brand awareness and the cutting-edge idea of connecting with the world. It is reported that, in addition to domestic enterprises, there are also international large enterprises such as Heidelberg and Roland Nader in Germany, Tetra Pak in the United States, as well as European packaging and printing technology services, information consulting institutions and mechanical equipment suppliers that have entered China for the first time. It is reported that, The base will regularly hold international large-scale product fairs and technical exchanges, which is what Wenzhou packaging and printing enterprises urgently need. We should seize this historic opportunity to give Wenzhou packaging and printing industry a window stage for long-term exhibition and sustainable development in the world

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