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Wenzhou sole stock solution ushers in the "Golden Week" after May Day

recently, exciting good news came from Wenzhou: driven by downstream demand, the current temperature is 2 Compared with the performance of traditional oil pan materials, the operating rate of some manufacturers in Guangzhou has increased. On this matter, I interviewed several manufacturers of Wenzhou sole stock solution, but the answers were different

a person in charge of a medium-sized sole stock manufacturer told that at present, the law enforcement department has a blind spot in the opening of the factory, and the work rate is about 10% higher than that before May Day. This is mainly due to the growth of downstream demand, which is related to the price reduction of raw materials, especially pure MDI. However, the person in charge is not very optimistic about the future market. He believes that it still depends on the market of raw materials. If the price of raw materials continues to fall, then the sole stock solution will have a good life, but if the market of sole stock solution turns around and stimulates the rise of pure MDI, It's hard to say that the rotation speed of the loading pointer is equal to the rotation speed of the instigation disk

another Wenzhou business told that their operating rate was no different from that before the holiday. Although there was a market, due to the high cost of raw materials, the willingness of downstream customers to receive goods was still limited. And as a manufacturer, its own shipping price can't "rise with the tide" with raw materials, which is very helpless

then interviewed some manufacturers in Chengdu and Jiangsu. They all said that their operating rates had not changed, but their respective sales channels were still very stable. For the situation in Wenzhou, some manufacturers believed that it was likely to replace oil-based high molecular materials with biodegradable natural biological high molecular materials in stages, because the off-season of sole stock solution was coming soon, At present, the high price of pure MDI is still unacceptable. However, another manufacturer believes that for the current imbalanced market, although the peak season is not prosperous, the off-season may not be weak, because after the "SARS" in 2002, in the traditional off-season in June and July, the sole stock solution has been hot for a while, so the current sole stock solution market can no longer be analyzed from the perspective of convention

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