Fault analysis of flat screen printing in the hott

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Fault analysis of flat platen printing in fabric printing

horizontal platen printing occurs at the joint between flat platens

reasons: (2) the color yield at the junction of the load grade frame is too deep; Improper frame welt; The viscosity of the color paste is too low


the color yield at the frame plate connection is too deep, resulting in horizontal plate connection printing. The opening and connecting of the plate should be correct, so as to prevent the overlap of the street joints. The ground pattern can be installed on the spot when it is full and transported to the construction site by simple machinery. Therefore, we should try to avoid the above phenomena in our work. On the premise of not affecting the spirit of the pattern, we can consider crossing, which will not change for several decades to avoid the horizontal linear overlap at both ends of the plate

the fabric with lattice, such as window screen, thick nylon yarn and other fabrics, shall be selected on the pasting surface of the frame for additional pasting. When pasting, do not paste around the box. Select the width at both ends of the box to paste, leaving a little space on the horizontal surface of the plate connection between the boxes. On the basis of not affecting the printing scraping, avoid embossing

the viscosity of the color paste should be moderate, which is conducive to the uniform sizing of the fabric and the smooth and bright pattern

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