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The joint reorganization of Wenzhou valve enterprises

now, the valve industry in Wenzhou has formed the largest valve production base in China. There are more than 1000 Yongjia pump and valve production enterprises, 375 Enterprises above Designated Size, and the annual industrial output value is 13billion yuan. Yongjia County is "the hometown of pumps and valves in China" and the most influential professional pump and valve production base in China. In Wenzhou Longwan area, due to the concentration of valve manufacturers, there are nearly 2000 large and small valve manufacturers, and the annual production and marketing of more than 10 billion yuan will be achieved, forming a strong valve industry chain, which is also ordered as "China Valve City". According to statistics, the annual output value of Wenzhou valve industry is about 20 billion yuan, accounting for 1/4 of the national market share

however, with the deepening of the market economy and the recent financial turmoil, Wenzhou pump and valve industry has encountered many problems such as "low, small and scattered", and the industrial development has encountered difficulties. Some small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on low price competition and have no obvious brand effect are struggling and close to the brink of bankruptcy. There is no unique way in the world. If Wenzhou valve enterprises want to break through the current industrial difficulties, they must speed up the pace of joint restructuring. Some pioneers in Wenzhou pump and valve industry bravely chose the road of "joint reorganization and seeking new development", which has been initially successful, so as to achieve the purpose of complementary resources and common development, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expand the living space, and also walk out a new way of "1 + n" optimized combination and re innovation advantages

recently, Wenzhou valve enterprises have formed groups to develop in a surging tide, such as the merger and reorganization of China Xuanda industrial group and Zhejiang nesen valve company into subsidiaries; Kaixime valve group of Longwan combines 18 enterprises as technology groups; Lixin valve controls 4 valve enterprises by cash acquisition to form a group; Huadian GANGYE Valve Co., Ltd. and 6 small valve enterprises set up a group by means of group holding and agreement cooperation. With this, heavy industry valves merged and reorganized to form a new Zhejiang heavy industry valve group Co., Ltd. Many more are brewing to speed up the development of the pump and valve industry

joint reorganization creates new advantages for development

accelerate joint reorganization among enterprises. It is obvious from the financial crisis that large enterprises are far better than small and medium-sized enterprises in coping with the crisis and resisting risks. Therefore, promoting the joint reorganization of enterprises and accelerating the expansion and strengthening of Wenzhou pump and valve industry is the top priority in the future. Moreover, the arrival of the financial crisis also forced some small and medium-sized enterprises to give up the traditional concept of "better be a chicken head than a phoenix tail", creating favorable conditions for the joint restructuring of the whole industry

according to the analysis, the advantages of pump and valve industry in Yongjia and Longwan of Wenzhou are the largest production scale, the most concentrated enterprises and the most complete specifications. However, with the deepening of the market economy and the emergence of the financial crisis, these advantages have gradually become a thing of the past, and now difficulties have emerged one after another., In recent years, in addition to the adverse factors faced by all enterprises, such as tight money, rising prices of raw materials, appreciation of the RMB, rising labor costs and so on, Wenzhou pump and valve industry has also encountered the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction. In this new situation, some small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on low price competition and have no obvious brand effect are struggling and close to bankruptcy

valve enterprises in Wenzhou dream of selling their products to major national engineering projects, but small and medium-sized enterprises do not have such a scientific and technological level, nor do they have the financial resources to innovate! The relevant person in charge of Yongjia pump and valve industry believes that Yongjia pump and valve industry is currently facing four major difficulties: first, the problem of "low, small and scattered". At present, the annual output value of the largest enterprise is only 400million yuan, while the scale of international pump and valve multinational companies has reached 1billion dollars, dozens of times that of Yongjia's largest enterprise; Second, the level of science and technology is low, and products rarely enter the national major equipment engineering fields such as the "west to east natural gas transmission", "Three Gorges Project" and the main project of nuclear power plants; Third, repeated investment and production in the same industry, low-cost competition makes enterprises unprofitable or even loss; Fourth, the brand is not famous and the efficiency is not high. Many export products are OEM and processed, playing the role of migrant workers, and huge profits are earned by foreign businessmen. Fifth, many valve enterprises produce their own valves. Fujian people sell valves, and the sales initiative is controlled by others

in this context, joint restructuring has been put on the table again, and pilot projects have begun to be carried out to keep warm and jointly deal with the market. Yongjia pump and valve industry China Xuanda industrial group has first jointly restructured with Zhejiang nesen valve company, choosing the "1 + n" - that is, a large enterprise jointly with n small and medium-sized enterprises. At the beginning of this year, Xuanda group consciously sought partners. In April, Zhejiang nesen Valve Co., Ltd. took the initiative to come to the door. After some negotiation, both parties found that both business philosophy and cooperation matters were relatively consistent, so they hit it off immediately, and reached the basic framework of cooperation two months later

although nexen valve is not very strong, it is an old enterprise with many years of butterfly valve production experience. After the joint reorganization, nexen valve will become a subsidiary of Xuanda group. Xuanda group will provide plants, brands, financing channels, etc., while nexen valve will provide products, management team and butterfly valve market. At present, the butterfly valve sales of Xuanda group is 20million a year, while that of nexen valve is 20million a year. After the joint reorganization of the two sides, the equipment is more advanced and the financial strength is stronger, which can expand, strengthen and refine the butterfly valve market

get out of difficulties and enhance the ability to resist risks

with the further deepening of the market economy, the valve industry is also developing and progressing. However, a series of problems will inevitably be encountered in the development. Only through deepening and reform can we continue to develop and progress. However, things always have their inherent two sides. It is not difficult to find that there are many difficulties in the joint reorganization of enterprises. How enterprises should be connected and combined is still in the exploration stage. Western developed countries have spent hundreds of years exploring enterprise restructuring, but we have only 30 years since the reform and opening up, and we still have a long way to go. From the perspective of enterprise development, most entrepreneurs want to combine and restructure with multiple enterprises, but the idea of Wenzhou Small business owners that "they would rather be chicken heads than Phoenix tails" makes many enterprises still worry about their own interests after joint reorganization with large enterprises, even if they are faced with practical difficulties such as financing difficulties, no plant and lack of brands. In addition, the restructuring cooperation of many enterprises is only "crossing the river by feeling the stone", and the two sides have only reached a cooperation agreement on the basic framework. When the joint restructuring really runs, new problems will appear, such as whether the corporate culture, management mode and development concept of the two sides can be integrated

Lixin valve was originally a medium-sized enterprise with an annual output value of more than 50 million yuan. 10 years ago, Wang qinai, a native of Yongjia, Zhejiang Province, began his entrepreneurial career from a lathe and began to get involved in the valve business. "In the first four or five years, business has not improved.". With the changes of macro-economy, the valve industry is also well-known. Wang qinai's business took a sharp turn for the worse last year. If the impact was not obvious in the first half of the year, Wang qinai felt a full chill in the second half of the year. The valve industry located in Yongjia is also growing in this process. In 2008, the industrial output value reached 16.6 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 28%. Yongjia valve accounted for 1/4 of the national market share. However, there are more than 1000 local valve enterprises, 375 Enterprises above Designated Size, and the average output value of each is only 10 million yuan

facing increasingly fierce competition, Wang qinai, who is mainly engaged in special valves in the two major industries of papermaking and alumina, "how many people are eating this profit from the casting business, middlemen to the final user?" Now that we do business through middlemen, what if we face the market directly? Is it possible to increase a large profit? With this idea, Wang qinai had a long talk with another shareholder, his nephew Yu Zhendao. Yu Zhendao also has an identity as the chairman of Zhejiang shepherd Valve Co., Ltd

uncle and nephew hit it off immediately. Soon after, Lixin "group" broke its shell. In addition to absorbing sheep valve, Xinlixin also controls Zhejiang aneng Valve Co., Ltd., Yongjia xibolun Valve Co., Ltd., Yongjia Zhengli Valve Co., Ltd. and Lishui Yunhe pump valve Co., Ltd. by cash acquisition. After the merger, the registered capital of Lixin exceeded 50million yuan and was upgraded to group. The effect of the merger was immediate. Compared with the local counterparts of the valve company, the economic recession last year did not have much impact on them. Wang qinai said that Lixin group finally completed the sales of 90million yuan, and the business was roughly the same as that of the previous year in terms of comparable caliber. In this cold economic winter, all industries are depressed, and it is very rare for Lixin group to achieve such performance in the eyes of outsiders

take Lixin as an example, each of the original five enterprises (except the casting factory) needs to invest hundreds of thousands of yuan in engineers, software and certificates, and the annual cost of the five enterprises is only one or two million yuan. After the merger, the cost of the group is greatly reduced, roughly equivalent to the original 25%. There are many advantages for establishing a group, which is the personal experience of some enterprises after establishing a group

as a developing enterprise, Tiansheng valve merged several other local valve enterprises in 2006 and was promoted to Tiansheng group. After that, it thoroughly implemented the brand strategy with technological innovation as the guide and scientific management as the means. After the company's leading product butterfly valve entered the international market, the output value in the first quarter of this year was nearly 10 million yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period last year. At present, the orders on hand are also scheduled to August, and the growth of express delivery is expected to accelerate again in the second quarter

wushengjun, chairman of Tiansheng Valve Group Co., Ltd., believes that the output value has slowly increased from now on. After being promoted to a group, they changed the previous mode of relying on OEM, so that they are qualified to participate in various competitions. Through this improvement, the enterprise benefits have been significantly improved

it is difficult to promote growth by giving full play to its advantages.

at present, there are nearly 3000 valve enterprises in Wenzhou, including nearly 2000 valve enterprises in Longwan District, many of which are small and medium-sized enterprises, even family workshop enterprises. A series of problems, such as serious lack of innovation ability, low product technology content, weak brand awareness and low business level, have hindered the sustainable growth and development of the valve industry in this region, especially under the global financial crisis, the "low, small and scattered" valve enterprises are obviously at a disadvantage in terms of risk resistance

recently, Huadian Okano Valve Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise with an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan. Since the beginning of the year, the company has started the joint reorganization with six small valve enterprises, such as Tianhe valve and Ouxin valve, and formed the group by means of group holding and agreement cooperation, making six small enterprises subsidiaries of the group. After full negotiation, Okano valve group was officially established in April. Yu Zhengke, the director of the group, believes that under the financial crisis, market demand has declined, and the competitive disadvantages of small and medium-sized enterprises have become prominent. If they do not regroup together, the survival of enterprises will face great pressure

in fact, for Yu Zhengke, he has a Huadian valve group in Shanghai, which is also formed through restructuring. The annual output value has rapidly increased from 10million yuan in 2002 to 100million yuan now. In the current situation, the 1+n model should be a great plan for enterprises to get out of difficulties and become stronger and bigger. Yu Zhengke said that the advantages of joint restructuring can be described in two sentences. For the group, it is "to clench your fist and get out easily"

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